Pendent Collection

Diamond Pendants

A diamond pendant never goes out of style and is the ultimate accessory for a formal occasion or other special events.
Wear a diamond pendant with a simple V-neck tee for an elegant touch or with a Dress or Pantsuit for a sophisticated look. Choose from a variety of pendant shapes, such as Princess, round, marquise, baguette, pear, oval or emerald. The setting of the diamonds could vary between prong, pave, bezel, channel or pressure settings wrapped in yellow, rose or white gold. Sparkling diamonds will catch anyone’s eye and add a classic, stunning element to any outfit.

Diamond pendants are a charming and traditional way to let someone know that you care.

Pendant and earring sets make lovely birthday and Christmas gifts. Traditional combinations of diamond studs and simple pendants deliver a winning combination of classic style and functional elegance. A heart glittering with cheerful diamonds might be just the thing. Our collection has yellow, white and rose gold diamond pendant stunners your partner will love. Brighten someone’s day with a fun personalized diamond pendant necklace.