Heritage Polki Jewellery

Legacy polki designer jewellery and masterpieces of timeless vintage contain the edges of each old-cut flat diamond (or Polki) and is meticulously wrapped with 24 karat yellow gold foil and encased in concave shaped 22-karat yellow gold, forming one unit. This art is relentlessly carried on to complete only one article of jewellery. An elaborate enamelling work is usually seen on the reverse of every traditional Polki artefact, involving hundreds of man-hours, exhibiting an extravagance of sophistication. Flat, rose and brilliant cut diamonds set in the traditional Indian way. All pieces are fine works of art with beautiful hidden details on the back. This traditional Indian jewelry has gained a world-wide appeal and now you can buy polki jewelry online in India and abroad.

Heavy Heritage Diamond Emerald Ruby Polki Set

Heavy heritage Diamond Ruby Emerald Choker Set

Heritage Diamond Ruby Emerald Polki Set

Heritage Diamond Polki Ruby Talf Set